Thursday, May 1, 2014

Writers Tea

The 29th Annual District Writing Contest Writers Tea was held last evening at Bonny Eagle Middle School.  Over 500 entries were received, from grades pre-K through 8 and from Bonny Eagle staff members. Every piece was read by a panel of teachers, and 90 students emerged as winners.  Ten students per grade level (K-8), along with all 15 of our pre-K classroom writers and 10 staff members, were recognized for their excellence.  They were congratulated publicly with a ribbon ceremony, and by having their work printed in this year's anthology, of which they each received a copy.  Each of our pre-K authors also received their work framed.  A reception followed, for winners and their families, where cookies and juice were served.

An especially poignant moment came at the end of the night when a parent shared how much the night meant to her.  Her first grade son was a winner this year and her older son was a winner when he was in first grade a few years ago.  To make it extra special, she was a student in the Bonny Eagle system and was a writing contest winner in 1986---she still has her book!  She sent these pictures today---thank you Hanson family!!!