Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Opening Day

August 29, 2017

All MSAD #6 Staff under one roof for a 
welcome breakfast and activities--it was a full house!!!

Thank you to our bus drivers who got right to work transporting people to BCES.
Thank you to the BCES staff and administration for hosting.
Thank you to Maintenance and Technology for the presentation set up.
Thank you to our Food Services Department for breakfast.

BE Proud!

Monday, August 28, 2017

A Great Start to 2017-2018

So far we've had a great start to the 2017-2018 school year.  Last week was full of trainings, along with New Teacher Orientation, for some of the hardest working professionals we know!!!

On Tuesday, we had our 39 new teachers, including our four exchange teachers from China. WELCOME EVERYONE!!!  The morning was spent with getting laptops and absorbing tons of information, then culminated with a bus tour of the Bonny Eagle School District narrated by Superintendent Paul Penna, with a stop at each school.



The bus tour...

On Wednesday, our 39 new teachers, plus 10 of our existing staff, attended the Performance Based Education Symposium Level 1, facilitated by Michelle Riesbeck from BEMS and Ashley Vanasse from H.B. Emery.

On Thursday, our new teachers spent the morning at Scarborough High School learning about the Marzano Framework and teacher evaluation system.


Meanwhile at Central Office there were 48 of our administrators, teachers, Instructional Coaches, and Technology Coaches attending a session on Assessment for Learning.  Jeff Beaudry from USM and Kirsten Gould from BCES facilitated.

Finally on Friday, Anne Bartoszuk from the Center for the Collaborative Classroom facilitated an orientation to the Being a Writer program.  This day was attended by 51 of our K-5 staff and administrators.  A similar day was attended in July by 23 others.

Tomorrow morning our entire MSAD #6 staff will be together at Buxton Center Elementary School for a welcome breakfast, staff recognitions, and a student guest speaker.

Good luck and happy school year to all the staff of MSAD #6!