Wednesday, July 1, 2015

PBE Symposium 2

Our Performance Based Symposium (level 2) was held on June 29th and 30th at Bonny Eagle High School.  For this symposium we had in attendance about 85 of our teachers, Ed Techs, and substitute teachers.  Many in this group participated in level 1 last week as well.  Thanks for participating everyone!  Thank you, THANK YOU to our MSAD #6 teachers facilitators!

Here are some of the "A-has" and positive comments from participants after these two days:

Relaxed/no pressure atmosphere more conducive to learning.

Great information about the taxonomy---to remember to not overshoot what is needed.

Formative assessment can be done in lots of small, creative ways.  The importance and regularity of formative will get you to summative.

Time to discuss ways to use what we are learning.

Formative assessments happen more naturally than we realize.

An “a-ha” was that assessments are formative until they are summative.

Great resources from peers regarding instruction, assessment and differentiation.

The topics and the leaders’ ability to change the agenda based on needs was great.

Summative---when the student finally understands the concept and you know they have it.

Lots of useful info AND chance to practice.

Very informative and presented with enthusiasm and knowledge.

Learning why it’s SO important not to average scores for a grade.

Speakers were knowledgeable, helpful, funny, and dedicated.