Monday, December 9, 2013

Seeing change, part 2

The district English Language Arts K-12 Vertical Team met last week and was as positive as the math team meeting the day before.  Teachers shared their successes as well as challenges and roadblocks to implementing the Common Core ELA standards so far this year.

Some challenges include:

  • there are SO many standards
  • time is always a factor---there's never enough!
  • teachers are clear on what standards to teach, but questions arise on how to teach them most effectively

The successes they shared:

  • the excitement about more non-fiction (by the kids and the teachers!)
  • students understand WHY they are learning what they are learning
  • students are talking about their learning
  • teachers are able to use the language of the standards and the kids get it!
  • more and more flexible grouping is happening in our elementary schools
  • students' are able to see where they are truly succeeding and struggling, and it's very motivating to them
  • more and more teachers are wanting to adopt workshop models for reading and writing
  • students are able to have (and are loving) more choice

The next meeting of the ELA Vertical Team is January 23, 2014.